PAROTAS produces contract furniture for home and commercial projects, focusing on sustainability and modern design. PAROTAS brings together a creative team of designers, carpenters and wood craftsmen capable of turning the most demanding parota wood designs into reality.

We produce contract furniture for architects, architect firms, contractors and interior designers from international countries. We manage production, export logistics, local delivery and installation of all our wooden furniture pieces to ensure the highest quality, as well as custom-pick each parota wood cut based on wood quality and grain patterns.

Contract Furniture from Mexico

PAROTAS provides contract furniture and natural wood cuts from Mexico for hotel, office and restaurant design projects, exclusively working with the striking parota wood. We hand pick each parota wood cut to ensure top quality, and work with a specialized team of designers to conceptualize your design ideas. Blending contemporary elements and modern design features, PAROTAS aims to create a new style of Mexican wood furniture.

All parota wood used in our furniture is fully certified, and solely sourced from Mexican regions where environmental practices are strictly enforced through government co-operations. Due to its fast-growing properties, parota is a highly sustainable harvested species and not listed on the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN list of threatened species.

The fast-growing properties of the parota tree also make it lighter than most exotic hardwoods, enabling larger slabs of natural wood to be exported at lower costs. Parota also has a moderately natural lustre that is organically highlighted with our unique blend of oils. This protects the wood and brings out parota’s intricate grains in a more organic way than varnished woods.


We combine modern design with one-of-a-kind parota cuts, making each wooden furniture distinctly unique.

All parota furniture is reviewed during production and before delivery to ensure the best quality in each piece.

Parota can reach large sizes in a short time, making it sustainable and common for reforestation in Mexico.

Our wooden furniture is finished with a blend of natural oils, with a range of custom-design options available.

We only work with certified parota wood in all our furniture designs. Parota is not a threatened species.

We are in direct contact with our customers during the entire process, from concept design to delivery.



Benefits for international distributors and furniture importers:

    • Access quality parota wood cuts from Mexico without travel; we work with you and your design office.
    • No tax (all exports are tax exempt)
    • Our dedicated international sales staff will guide you through the entire process.
    • Choose your preferred shipping company.
    • No minimum order required – you may ship one item or furnish your entire home, hotel, office or restaurant.
    • We offer the widest selection of fine quality parota furniture.
    • Discounted pricing is available for volume purchases.

All international orders are sent once prepaid payment has been arranged via credit card, PayPal or wire transfer. Parotas fees are EX Factory. No warranty applies to merchandise that is being shipped abroad. Instead, customers must file a damage claim with the carrier before any replacement can be considered.



PAROTAS can create furniture to any specifications or design for contractors and home designers, with both vertical and horizontal cuts available up to several meters. Contact PAROTAS to discuss sizes, prices and options. For unique furniture pieces, it may be possible to choose your own wood cut. PAROTAS can also arrange international shipping and exports.

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