PAROTAS Collections

PAROTAS focuses on bringing the unique attributes of parota wood to the world of modern wood furniture.

PAROTAS works with an experienced team of international and Mexican designers, carpenters and architects, conceptualizing modern wood furniture that fuses sleek finishes and sharp lines with parota’s striking grain.

Working with parota’s natural elements inspires the team to envisage new concepts in wooden modern furniture, harmonizing natural wood with a range of contemporary materials.

PAROTAS can produce individual and multiple orders from our wooden furniture collections, as well as work with contractors, architects and designers to realize their custom design projects in parota wood. Contact PAROTAS for a quote.

Designers & Collaborators


Odosdesign focuses on visual strategy and product design in its collections, using a mix of graphic design and art direction to create a strong identity in their products and related communication. Odosdesign founders, Ana Segovia, María Mengual and Luís Calabuig, believe that design is the differentiation in their services, which for contractors and sellers incorporates all levels of the sales process, from product management to communication, promotional, editorial and web design. Read about their design team here.

Drawing from more than 10 years’ experience, Odosdesign’s design concepts have earned recognition in the design industry, including the following awards:

2013 LAUS bronze for the art direction of GAN
2009 Designer’s Association of the Community of Valencia (ADCV) silver medal
2007 Grand Design Award in London
2007 Gioia Casa Award
2007 Delta Selection
2005 INJUVE award for best career trajectory
2005 First Prize Valencia Crea Graphic Design
2003 Mención de honor Diseño Industria.

Taller Cazadora

CAZADORA is a studio specialized in wood design with the aim to elaborate products of high quality in the market, at the same time working in a way to protect and conserve natural resources. The knowledge of carpentry and joinery trades, together with a technical orientation towards product design, are reflected in the best use of materials in modern and functional concepts.

CAZADORA is committed to nature and the resources it offers, and all of their wood designs and carpentry carry the stamp of CAZADORA’s sustainable vision .

“Higher quality, more experience, less waste.”

Custom Modern Wood Furniture

PAROTAS can create wooden furniture to any specifications or design for contractors and home designers, with both vertical and horizontal cuts available up to several meters. Contact PAROTAS to discuss sizes, prices and options. For unique furniture pieces, it may be possible to choose your own wood piece. PAROTAS can also arrange international shipping and exports.

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